TSE/IEC/EN 61547 Standard Tests

TSE/IEC/EN 61547 Standard Tests are a standard used to test the electromagnetic compatibility of lighting equipment. TSE/IEC/EN 61547 Standard Tests determine the tests required to ensure the safe, reliable and correct operation of lighting equipment.
The tests performed within the scope of TSE/IEC/EN 61547 Standard Tests include the following:
1. EMC Tests: Electromagnetic Compatibility tests determine how resistant lighting equipment is to electromagnetic interference. It is checked whether the devices are compatible with other electronic equipment.
2. Electrical Power Tests: It is measured how much energy the lighting equipment consumes from electrical power sources. Additionally, how strong the electromagnetic radiation produced by the equipment is examined.
3. Impact Resistance Tests: It is measured how resistant the lighting equipment is to impacts and vibrations. These tests examine whether the equipment operates correctly under a certain level of shock or vibration.
4. EMC Propagation Tests: The propagation properties of electromagnetic radiation produced by lighting equipment are tested. In this way, it is determined whether this radiation causes a negative effect on other equipment.
5. Static Electricity Tests: It is measured how strong the static electricity discharge produced by lighting equipment is. It is determined that these discharges may cause harmful effects on other electronic devices.

TSE/IEC/EN 61547 Standard Tests ensure that the necessary tests are carried out to ensure the electromagnetic compatibility of lighting equipment. Thanks to TSE/IEC/EN 61547 Standard Tests, it is determined that lighting equipment must comply with a certain quality standard before being released into the market.
Within the scope of our STEST facility located in Ankara, which is an organization accredited by TURKAK, we carry out TSE/IEC/EN 61547 Standard Tests in accordance with the TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 General Requirements for the Competency of Testing and Calibration Laboratories Standard.
In order to increase the quality and reliability of your products, you can contact us for your Environmental, EMI/EMC and ATP Testing needs.

EMI/EMC Test Chambers Features



  Test Room 1 Test Room 2 Measurement unit
Width 6850 13000 mm
Size 5900 10000 mm
Height 3800 9000 mm
Door Dimension 1000x2000 4200x4750 mm
Turntable Diameter - 6 m
Turntable Load Carrying Capacity - 70 ton
Reflection Semi Anti-Reflective Semi Anti-Reflective  



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