TSE/IEC/EN 50470-1/3 Standard Tests


TSE/IEC/EN 50470-1/3 Standard Tests are a standard for electrical energy measurements. TSE/IEC/EN 50470-1/3 Standard Tests determine the quality and accuracy of measuring devices used to measure energy flow in the electrical network.

The tests performed within the scope of TSE/IEC/EN 50470-1/3 Standard Tests include the following:
1. Accuracy Tests: The accuracy of the measurement results of the measuring devices is measured. In these tests, the measurement results of the device under different loads are examined and care is taken to ensure that the differences are within acceptable limits.
2. Input/Output Connection Tests: It is checked whether the measuring device is connected to the electrical network correctly. Tests are also performed to ensure that the meter's output connections are correct.
3. Operating Temperature Tests: Tests are performed for the operating temperature of the measuring device. It is checked whether the device operates correctly within the specified temperature range.
4. Impact Resistance Tests: The durability of the measuring device against impacts and vibrations is tested. In these tests, it is examined whether the device operates correctly under a certain level of impact or vibration.
5. EMC Tests: Electromagnetic Compatibility tests determine how resistant the measuring device is to electromagnetic interference. It is checked whether the device is compatible with other electronic equipment.

It ensures that the necessary tests are carried out to ensure the reliability and accuracy of electrical energy measurements with TSE/IEC/EN 50470-1/3 Standard Tests. Thanks to TSE/IEC/EN 50470-1/3 Standard Tests, the quality and accuracy of measurement devices used especially by large organizations such as energy supply companies and industrial facilities are guaranteed.

Within the scope of our STEST facility located in Ankara, which is an organization accredited by TURKAK, we carry out TSE/IEC/EN 50470-1/3 Standard Tests in accordance with the TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 General Requirements for the Competency of Testing and Calibration Laboratories Standard.
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EMI/EMC Test Chambers Features



  Test Room 1 Test Room 2 Measurement unit
Width 6850 13000 mm
Size 5900 10000 mm
Height 3800 9000 mm
Door Dimension 1000x2000 4200x4750 mm
Turntable Diameter - 6 m
Turntable Load Carrying Capacity - 70 ton
Reflection Semi Anti-Reflective Semi Anti-Reflective  



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